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24th-Mar-2010 09:21 am - not even worth of a subject header.
it's been so long since i've updated this journal that it took a minute to figure out how to post a new entry...

i could swear that i used to have a hardison icon here.
pretty much the most awesome thing ever.

i'm certain that i can take more than that. these results are flawed.


four things that are sad/depressing/frustrating/stupid and one thing that is awesome.

1. in the just plain sad department: dumb chicks who think they're fooling anyone when they bust out the anonymous "house" whining on the blogs of tv critics. everyone knows it's you, sweetheart. grow a pair and sign your name. even if it's a fake name like all those sock puppets on the message boards. i mean, we know who they are too, but at least they're playing along.

2. never read the spoiler thread at the gossip girl insider site. holy shit, that will depress you. it will make you feel old and in spite of the fact that it will initially make you realize how smart and logical you really are it will eventually make you dumber just by having been there. oh. my. god. those people make the folks who lose their shit when the tiniest "house" spoiler is blown totally out of proportion look sane and normal by comparison. and sometimes the hand wringing over the "house" spoilers just totally blows my mind.

3. the fact that i can't find good "gossip girl" spoilers in spite of having waded through a series of awful interweb swamps in an attempt to pin down exactly what's happening in the next ep. i'm sure they're out there somewhere, but once you get sucked into fifty pages of dumb girls giving incorrect definitions of what "carnal knowledge" is while debating what the title "carrnal knowledge" might mean...you eventually just give up the will to live. you could shout out "GOOGLE IT!!" and point out that if there's a new character with the last name "carr" and the show always uses movie titles as the basis for their ep titles and "carnal knowledge" is a movie then...DO THE FUCKING MATH!! but, you can't do any of that because then *you're* the crazy person.

4. no, the fact that your stapler is stapling two at a time is not interesting no matter how many times you say it is or how loudly you talk about it RIGHT OUTSIDE OF MY OFFICE. STFU!

5. jon hamm on "30 rock". spoiler pics leaked. omg awesome, etc.
seth meyers
i was at rite aid yesterday and they already had a cadbury cream egg display. that's not right. i bought two, but it's still not right.

and no wonder candy is always stale by the time the appropriate holiday rolls around: it's been sitting on the shelves for four months.

why is this not on hulu?

whatever, it's awesome. i've had it in my head for two days now.

Untitled from sabrina obscura on Vimeo.
lee pace
please, please, please tell me that someone out there with direct tv will be recording all eight eps of "wonderland" when they begin running it next week. please. pretty please.

somewhere in the deep, dark pit that is my vhs collection (vhs RIP) i have the pilot. i remember abc pulled it after the second or third ep, the very week that my post-cupid piven loving self saw a blurb in tv guide about his upcoming guest spot on the show. bastards. but, now there's hope! since i don't have direct tv i'll have to rely on the kindness of the internet. there *is* still kindness on the internet, right?
1. my new year's resolution is to finally read "between the bridge and the river". i will this time. i swear.

2. if i could have just one wish it would be for kristen and craig to have their own show. they could dare each other to eat things for money and do dirty things with food.

3. chickens don't fly.

all three parts of this are so full of win it's not even funny.

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